Codestral is Mistral AI’s first-ever code model designed for code generation tasks. It is a 22B model.

  • Meet Codestral, our pioneering code model that revolutionizes code generation. 
  • This open-weight generative AI model is designed to assist developers in writing and interacting with code through a unified API endpoint. 
  • By mastering both code and natural language, Codestral enables the creation of cutting-edge AI applications that transform the software development experience.

Codestral — 80+ programming languages


Codestral boasts an unparalleled multilingual proficiency, trained on an extensive dataset of over 80 programming languages, including 

  • Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Bash, and specialized languages like Swift and Fortran. 
  • This comprehensive language coverage enables Codestral to adapt seamlessly to diverse coding environments and projects, making it an indispensable tool for developers.

Codestral — Performance

Codestral - Benchmarks
Codestral - Benchmarks
  • Codestral’s 22B model redefines the boundaries of code generation, delivering unprecedented performance and latency. 
  • Compared to its predecessors, Codestral sets a new benchmark for speed and efficiency, enabling developers to work at an accelerated pace without sacrificing accuracy. 
  • With Codestral, the wait times for code generation are significantly reduced, allowing developers to iterate faster and bring their ideas to life sooner.

Get started with Codestral

  1. Download and test Codestral, a revolutionary 22B open-weight model licensed under the Mistral AI Non-Production License, perfect for research and testing purposes. 

You can access Codestral on HuggingFace.

2. Try Codestral via its dedicated endpoint:

This new endpoint is ideal for users integrating our Instruct or Fill-In-the-Middle routes into their IDE.

3. Seamless Integration with VSCode and JetBrains: 

Now, you can harness Codestral’s capabilities directly within the VSCode and JetBrains environments using Continue. dev and Tabnine

Here is how you can use the VSCode plugin for code generation, interactive conversation, and inline editing with Codestral, and here is how users can use the Tabnine VSCode plugin to chat with Codestral.

4. Download from Ollama

ollama run codestral

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