Fluttering in new ways….

Google recently announced version 1.2 of Flutter..alongside a new web-based suite of programming tools called Dart DevTools for debugging and analyzing apps.


As per the Venturebeat article, Flutter 1.2 focuses on four major areas:

Improving stability, performance, and quality of the core framework

Polishing work on the visual finish and functionality of existing widgets

Responding to several highly requested customer features: in-app payments and app bundles

Adding new web-based tooling for developers building Flutter applications

Adds :

1.Support for floating cursor text editing.

2. Support for in-app purchases and Android App Bundles

3. Bug fixes for the video player, webview, and maps

4. Version 1.2 includes the Dart 2.2 SDK.

5. Broader set of animation easing functions.

Dart 2.2
Dart 2.2

Enter Dart DevTools…

In case you haven’t read my previous article on Flutter Web Inspector

DartDevTools is now available for installation alongside Flutter’s extensions for VS Code 

Adds : 

Dart DevTools comprises of following capabilities:

  • Widget inspector
  • Timeline view that helps you diagnose your application at a frame-by-frame level
  • Debugger that lets you step through code, set breakpoints and investigate the call stack.
  • Logging view

What about HummingBird ?

Hummingbird — — a technical preview will be released “in the coming months.

Google has promised that Flutter would see a new stable release once every quarter.

How to avail these features…

You need to simply Update the Flutter. 🙂

After updating, try 

  1. Open the VSCode 
  2. Go to Command Palette
  3. Type “flutter
Flutter new features…
Flutter new features…

Click on any feature to explore more!!

Question ?

Do I need to click every time for each feature ?

Not at all

  1. Open the VSCode
  2. Go to Command Palette
  3. Type “dart
Dart DevTools…
Dart DevTools…

4. Click on Dart: Open DevTools

5. It opens a new browser window…

Dart DevTools from browser…
Dart DevTools from browser…

Interesting stuff..

  1. Click on logging (for seeing the logging events)
DartDevTools logging…
DartDevTools logging…

2. Hot-restart from Dart DevTools, by clicking

Hot Restart
Hot Restart

3. Hot reload from Dart DevTools, by clicking the flash icon.

Flutter 1.2

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