It’s a big world out there…explore!!!!

Amazed by the world of Flutter, I started exploring TextField (basics of any programming language).

There are 2 ways to retrieve the input text from TextField :

  1. using TextField events
  2. using TextEditingController

No need to worry, I have covered both ways in the program.:)

Point 1 :


Whenever, you type in the input box, onChange event of Text Field gets called. e.g Say you wrote Aseem, you can see the following logs :


On pressing the keyboard’s tick button, onSubmitted event of TextField gets called. Here, I have retrieved the input text(in this case Hello) and displayed as below :


Point 2 :

On click of the raisedButton (Click me), I have retrieved the text entered from the input box, using onPressed event .

Video demonstration :

Complete Source Code :


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